How I got a marvelous recommendation from a LinkedIn Superstar

Keep things simple, professional and convenient for the contact

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Contact request: direct, competence, interest

If you don’t know a person yet, but would like to connect to them on LinkedIn, you should definitely write them a request with an individual message. This should answer three questions that a recipient who doesn’t know you yet typically has:

  • Why should I be interested in you?
  • Why do you want to connect with me?

Offer a meeting

Immediately the idea of a meeting came up. And quite honestly – even though my diary was full to the brim, especially at the beginning of the year, I immediately said „yes.“ Because a real connection can only come from personal meetings, from an exchange face-to-face.

Perfect arrangement of the meeting

I then organized the meeting because it took place in my hometown Hamburg. When I organize such a meeting, my absolute priority is to make it as easy as possible for the other person. This is a straightforward mindset that anyone can implement immediately. After arranging the time, I decided on a location that was easy for my contact to reach. Then I gave him directions, which enabled him to find the way immediately via Google Maps. I arrived at the location 15 minutes before the meeting started, in case my contact would also arrive too early. And when I came, I wrote my contact where I was sitting so that he didn’t have to search for a long time. Everything was perfectly prepared for him.

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